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Hello, my name is Emily. Ever since I can remember my love has been of the Earth and humanity. My background as having experienced severe psychological abuse, created circumstances of strength bringing forth my light today.

I am a worker of:
- the dark
- the 'shadowier' aspects of life...

I am a sacred fire keeper of the eternal flame. The ember... the light of love, within...

What I'm not:

- is a trauma-specialist

- a replacement for other therapies or qualified medical advice

What I am:

- is provide a safe, supportive, non-judgemental highly experienced guide in finding the inner and outer resources, tools, professional support and avenues to ensure you're most adequately prepared for  your altered state experience

- a confidential integration practitioner and wayshower


  • Current BA Psych/Couns undergrad

  • Trauma-Informed & Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Practitioner

  • Integrative Somatic Parts Work

  • Multi-disciplinary somatic movement & ritual arts background 10+ years and shamanic practitioner, student 5 years


Professional Bio

Having overcome complex trauma and subsequent mental health issues including eating disorders through the intentional use of psychedelics, somatic-movement techniques and ritual arts exploration in her twenties, Emily 'Spring Jaiah' is also the Founder and Director of Ecstatic Dance FNQ (est. 2021) facilitating community events for transformation since as far back as 2015 in the area. Studying across the world with various teachers including Imaya Sabine ('Serpentine Studies' Tribal Fusion Bellydance), Zola Dubnikova (School of Mystery & Sacred Feminine Arts) as well as multiple psycho-somatic schools of thought, paved way for an inner exploration through shamanic initiation bringing forth healing and transformation to her own body-mind by her mid thirties.


A Cert. Holistic Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), Cert. Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Practitioner (Aya Healing Retreats) and Somatic Plant-Medicine Integrative student, Emily Ember brings 10 years embodied lived and felt experiences of becoming a happy, healthy and thriving "shining light" as testament to the power of such integrative, somatic and earth-based practices.


With a professional background prior as an executive assistant in the corporate world, her strengths today still remain high in roles providing organisational support and management however now in the conscious music, events and healing space scene.

Everything Emily does is to serve re-connection of earth-wisdom and sacred remembrance.

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